Welcome to La Paz Yachts!

Hello, my name is Tom Murray and I am happy to introduce myself to you as the sales manager here at La Paz Yachts. My darling wife Susie and I began our cruising life from Seattle, WA. June 2011. After a wonderful cruise through British Columbia and down the west coast, 2 short years later we found our eventual new home, La Paz, Mexico. When we left Seattle, we did not have any destination in mind, but when we found La Paz, we both knew we found home. As my favorite tag line says, “I wasn’t born in La Paz, but I got here as soon as I could.”

I began my cruising dreams at the tender age of 8, when I had the opportunity to spend the summer months cruising aboard a 45’ Monk trawler in British Columbia. My passion for boats and cruising have grown throughout the years and now, having lived aboard my CT 54 for 17 years and having built a Roberts 53 from the ground up, I have learned much about boats and boating in my life.

My philosophy about yacht brokering is a simple one. If I have to sell you on a particular boat, then it is not the right boat for you. I believe, when you find the right boat, she speaks to your soul. The thrill for me, is making that connection between you and that one perfect boat meant for you. The look in your eyes and that feeling of excitement when you realize you have found your dream, is why I love what I do.

Come and visit us here in La Paz. You don’t even have to be in the market for a yacht, just come and enjoy our little oasis by the sea.

Remember, always be grateful you’re here, because you could be there.

Hi, I’m Cindy Espinoza, Office Manager for La Paz Yachts.

About 10 years ago I visited La Paz and fell in love with the city, so I decided to make it my home. I was very fortunate to join the Mazatlan Marine Center family in 2008, at the time working with Mike Rickman and Shelly Ward (until they retired and set out to sail the world themselves) and currently with Tom Murray.

I love my city and what I do with La Paz Yachts, so it is my pleasure to facilitate the process of buying or selling your boat, as well as helping you plan your trip to make sure you enjoy what Mexico has to offer.

Come visit us in paradise, and if you bring a furry friend make sure I get to say hi!

Tom Murray & Cindy Espinoza are the team who lead and make you comfortable with the process of buying or selling in Mexico. They are respected and loved members of the cruising community in La Paz. Their honesty and integrity are much appreciated by buyers and sellers. Many happy customers attest to their success. Let the experts in boat ownership in Mexico help you find the boat of your dreams today!

Come Visit us soon!