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Bienvenidos! Cruiser season is ON

As we write this a 200+ confirmed fleet is sailing around the Sea of Cortez form the Ha-haCUBAR and also the Panama Posse rallies. We are happy to see you back! 2022 might prove to be one of the best years for cruising Mexico after this couple of unspoken for years. 

We had a blast at the welcome party last weekend and it looks we are going to be packed at the all ready sold-out Club Crueros’ Thanksgiving event. Let the good times (pumpkin pie and all) roll!

Are you doing the Ha-ha this year or sailing by yourselves down to the Sea of Cortez area? Keep us posted! And don’t forget to show up for a chat at our office.

We are just a knot on a large net of paceño businesses that are really glad to meet your needs during the season. Here is a small list handy references of our beloved cruiser-friendly services.

And remember, La Paz Yachts are the experts regarding offshore selling and buying a vessel in Mexico. Com by us for any ownership issues you may want to get sorted.

We care about your dreams. That’s why we sell more boats in the Sea Of Cortez than any other brokerage, check some of our new listings.

Are you interested in selling or buying a boat while in Mexico? An offshore purchase is the way to go. Contact our crew to learn how the experts in yacht ownership in Mexico make it happen.

We are waiting for you! Come live the dream, check out this great boats in La Paz at great prices.


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