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Category: Featured Boats

Feb 14
Sunny Valentine, Great Boats to Love By

Bask in the warmth of love and the gentle rays of the sun this Valentine’s Day. Just like las year, La Paz Yachts presents to you three very special vessels; they are not just boat they are floating canvases waiting for your love story and nautical adventures. Weather you are looking for that perfect romantic […]

Jan 22
Beneteau Sailboats: 140 Years of Maritime Mastery 🌞

Setting Sail on a LegacyBeneteau Sailboats, with 140 years of experience at the helm of the pleasure vessel industry, continue to epitomize nautical excellence. La Paz Yachts takes pride in presenting a curated selection of these maritime marvels, each embodying the perfect blend of sturdiness, elegance, and innovation. Let’s embark on a journey through the […]

Jan 06
Three Wise Reasons to go Catamaran Coastal Cruising

Greetings, adventure seekers and sailing enthusiasts! As we bask in the celebration of the Three Wise Magi Days on January 6th, it’s time to unlock the wisdom of comfort and exploration through the incredible world of catamarans. Join us on an extraordinary journey as we introduce three exceptional catamarans for sale, each meticulously designed for […]

Feb 14
La Paz Yachts’ Best Boats to Love By (2023 edition)

Sailing the open sea is one of the most romantic experiences one can have. Check out these 3 boats for sale that will sweep you off your feet!